Jul 1
Data power can drive your organisation
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Embedding a data culture and reassuring staff that they will be empowered, not replaced, by a machine are pre-requisites of creating a data driven organisation ETL Factory recently supported a report on the Data Economy that was published in the Times newspaper, here is an excerpt: It is easy to understand why some employees are suspicious of big data. While executives continue to hype the term to almost cacophonous levels, there is a dearth of evidence to prove the business benefits of costly technology implementations. Research by the Economist Intelligence Unit suggests many companies have invested significantly in gathering vast…
Jun 23
Receive the Data Economy report from the Times paysite free of charge!
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Weighing in at almost 20 pages, this report is full of independent insight and analysis. Aimed squarely at the non-technical business manager or analyst, the report analyzes where the Date Economy is right now, where it is going to and how you and your organisation can take advantage of the opportunities that it offers. Download your free copy HERE! ETL Factory are pleased to support the publication and please note that although this publication is funded through advertising and sponsorship, all editorial is without bias and sponsored features are clearly labelled.
Jun 17
From the FT blog this week. Sometimes it’s not till you see it written down….
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The seismic change that is taking place in the availability and communication of all types of information, is represented for example in the arrival of the iPhone. This single product has increased consumer well-being in ways that are difficult to capture in official economic statistics. Many of the key consumer advances that have taken place in the past few decades can now be done better, or more conveniently, by a single gadget.