Average is Over: Software that transforms delivery

Average is Over for Data Integration project delivery. Our innovative product set enables you to apply the power of automation to deliver rapid, agile data integration projects on premise. Factory Builder, Factory Architect and Factory Workbench are designed for every need: from those taking your first steps in automated delivery to organisations ready to run their own enterprise-level automated development platform. Compatible with all releases of PowerCenter from 8.x onwards,  our software is guaranteed to transform the speed and accuracy of  your Informatica delivery process.

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We have a variety of software products covering the full range of development lifecycle, all of which is backed up with our highly skilled consultancy wing to assist as required.

If you have a strategic partner already or you want to work in-house then our software can be used as you see fit. Our goal is to deliver your project and we will work with you to achieve that. Get in touch and one of our team will take you through our unique offering and we can start you on the road to automation today.