Factory Workbench

99% of Data Integration projects that rely Informatica also rely on other frameworks. Accelerating the processes that surround the ETL components enables you to deliver your entire project faster. Factory Workbench contains the individual accelerators from the automation toolkit that our own consultants use on a daily basis. Each of the accelerators within Factory Workbench is available as a separate option that can be purchased as needed and we are constantly increasing the range of processes that we accelerate.

The accelerators that are currently available in Factory Workbench include:

  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • SQL Generation
  • Teradata Fast Load Scripts
  • Connect Direct and JCL
  • Database deployment frameworks
  • Informatica Powerexchange

If we don’t support your requirement already then get in touch to discuss the the processes that you would like to accelerate using our software and methodology.