Software Enabled Service

We approach services and solutions differently from others. We don’t deploy tens or hundreds of people to deliver a solution. Instead we use software driven automation to empower our expert delivery teams. This makes our software enabled service offering truly unique:  a core team with a wealth of solution experience using innovative software tools to automate project delivery.

Our Software Enabled Services are trusted by some of the world’s largest companies.

Join them and let us exceed your delivery expectations!

Lightning Fast
Lightning Fast All our team are experts in their field with years of experience backed up by a catalogue of software accelerators at their disposal
Inclusive Approach
Inclusive Approach ETL Factory consultants are driven to leave behind a capability that you can go onwards and build. The only way to do that is by working as one team with our clients from day one. We are not another vendor, we are a partner in your success.
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement The team is always looking for opportunities to further improve delivery. When we find this we are driven to share it with as many people as possible. Therefore every customers gains from our growing experience.
Different Thinking
Different Thinking Everyone on our team approaches a problem in a different way than your usual vendor. We are always looking for the simplest, quickest and least risky solution to ensure our delivery is a success.

Do you need help? Do not hesitate, just call us or drop us a mail.

Our project rescue teams can be deployed quickly to assess potential issues and identify rapid resolutions using our software enabled services at its core.

Alternatively, if you are looking to create an Informatica Competency Center, then we are the experts in this field, working alongside Informatica for many years and actually achieving this goal for a number of customers whilst helping many others take the first step towards this goal.

Working Agility

Our processes and methodologies are all focused on the single goal of delivery. To this end, when our consultants are engaged to assist in your project, we bring along a series of tools and techniques to guarantee your success. Agile working practices coupled with our unique accelerators ensure you will meet your deadlines.

Development Accelerators
We have a number of development accelerators ranging from test data creators through to Informatica workflows. All of these tools are brought along with our consultants.
Unique Testing Approach
Our techniques for testing follow on from how we approach our build - inclusive and automated. Through our data driven testing, we look to get the business involved as early in the sign-off as possible ensuring everyone is certain that the outcome is what is needed.
Deployment and Monitoring
Once we are finished the build, the acceleration doesn't stop. Our deployment frameworks and monitoring platforms allow support teams to ensure the platform is stable for years to come.